Only You

Only You is a puzzle platformer where in each level there is only you and the goal. To reach it, you'll have to help yourself.

As the clock runs down, you'll change color and see past versions of you following in your footsteps. Each color has its own power, and you'll have to use them and yourselves in order to reach the goal. Carefully plan your path before the level, otherwise you might just run out of time!


  • Start Level: Mouse Click
  • Move: Mouse (the farther it is, the faster you'll run towards it)
  • Jump: Mouse Click
  • Boost (while touching blue): Mouse Click

Color Guide

  • Yellow: Only as special as your are
  • Blue: While touch a blue you, you can jump/boost towards your mouse, even while in air
  • Red: If you touch, the level resets

Theme Adherence

  • Only One person per level: you!
  • Only One button needed to play
  • Only One screen per level
  • Only One developer (this just sort of worked out)
Open Audio Credits
Made for GMTK Game Jam 2019


Download 20 MB
Download 36 MB


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Nice! Enjoyed jumping off the wall and the creativity!

It's really good, except the "cutscenes" feel a little bit too long.